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In order to apply for the CertClean certification you must meet the following guidelines.

Your Company Must

  • Sell cosmetics and personal care products that fall under the definition of cosmetics/make-up and personal care products*
  • Products must demonstrate compliance of the CertClean’s Standards
  • Must demonstrate ongoing commitment to the certification criteria
  • Must acknowledge that CertClean’s Standards is dynamic and will evolve to reflect the latest science, regulations and other relevant considerations
  • Must acknowledge that as a condition of using the CertClean certification mark, the licensed products will automatically be added to CertClean’s website and its database.
  • Must acknowledge and agree that CertClean has the right to perform random product testing or audits without notice.

Personal care products including but not limited to

  • Skincare products such as creams, gels, oils, balms,butters, moisturizers, serums, and lotions for the purpose of hydrating and nourishing the skin and lips
  • OdourCare products such as deodorant and others which are applied for the purpose of reducing or eliminating body odour (Note: antiperspirants are not eligible for the certification)
  • Skin and Hair Wash products such as shower gels, liquid and bar soaps, bath oils, bath bombs, body scrubs, liquid or dry shampoo, leave-in or wash-off hair products, and nail polish removers and makeup removers

*Cosmetics: including but not limited to lipsticks/lipglosses, eyeshadow, facial powder/cream, foundation, BB/CC cream, bronzer, concealer, blush, mascara, eyeliners, and nail polish.


CertClean does not currently certify products within specific product types, including

  • Personal hygiene and/or feminine products such as feminine powder, deodorant, cleansers
  • Hair dye and/or colourants
  • Sunscreen and/or other sun protection products
  • Perfume or cologne
  • Birth control product including but not limited to spermicides (creams, gels, foams, film, and suppositories)
  • Oral care products including but not limited to toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, oral pain relief, denture care
  • Products associated directly with the eye, as oppose to the skin/area around the eye (contact solutions, lens cleansers, eye wash, eye drops, eyelash glue)
  • Beauty and personal care accessories and tools (brushes, sponges, wipes, pore strips, bandages)
  • Other including—but not limited to—most semi-medical products (wart removal, corn/callus treatment, ear wax removal, hair inhibitor, hair loss treatment, pain relief, athlete’s foot treatment, damaged skin treatment, dandruff/scalp treatment, hemorrhoids, vericose/spider vein treatment, nail glue, hair relaxers, hair perm products, facial hair bleaching, skin lighteners, cuticle treatment, nail treatment)

CertClean will not certify the following product types

  • Aerosol-based products
  • Anti-perspirants
  • Any products containing nanoparticles (less than 100 nm)
  • Any products containing plastic microbeads

CertClean Standards


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